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Long Term Care Insurance Claims Processing in Colorado Springs, CO

When area families are planning for the long-term care of a senior family member or loved one, they often turn to Amada Senior Care. We’re a business in Colorado Springs, CO, that specializes in long-term care planning and provides a number of free services, including home care consultations, assisted living placement advising, and help with long-term care insurance claims.

Get the Long-Term Care You Deserve

We have experts on staff who specialize in care coordination and financing. Our representatives can help you understand what your policy covers, and we can also file and manage that claim on your behalf. We’ve developed proprietary software that makes this entire process fast and easy, and we cut through the red tape so that our clients can focus on what matters most.

Let Amada Senior Care simplify the long-term care insurance claims process for you. Contact us at your convenience to schedule an in-home consultation. Our insurance advisers are available throughout Colorado Springs, Monument, and the neighboring communities.

Our Commitment To In-Home Care

At Amada Senior Care, Colorado Springs we are passionate about enriching lives by providing outstanding care in a nurturing environment. We pay attention to the little details and focus on all aspects of our clients wellbeing so they can thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. We also educate families on the different options available for assisted living and care homes.

"Making a difference while serving others is what we are all about," says Ken. "As we help seniors we also enrich the lives of their families and loved ones, of our caregivers and indeed our own. What could be better than that?"

When Ken began looking into senior care, he quickly realized he derives a deep sense of fulfillment from helping people who cannot help themselves. He knew that in this field, he could make a significant improvement in the lives of seniors and could not be happier doing what he loves best helping others.

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